Octopus on Colwyn Bay Beach

I popped down to the beach for a cuppa and a chat at the Cayley Kiosk on Colwyn Bay beach last weekend. It is just a short five minute walk to the beach from our hotel ( Bryn Holcombe ) and I wanted to check out the beach following “storm Brian”. I didn’t bother to walk the sands , I had a good view from my seat outside the kiosk. The storm had blown itself out and the tide was receding fast leaving perfect conditions for the many seabirds.
Recent months have seen big changes in the Bay of Colwyn, with sand bars being formed which trap both the incoming and receding tides ……and the fish which of course attracts the seabirds.
The first to be seen was the white egret, standing in the new pool just in front of the Kiosk. Then I noticed the curlew, with its distinctive curved beak sucking up goodies from the sand, and not one but two herons competing for fish at the outlet from the pool.
The usual crowd of oyster catchers were hip hopping around the waters edge and the regular gang of crows joined in the sea-food fest.
I was just remarking how good a display we had when a couple sitting next to me remarked that I had just missed a greater black backed gull devouring an octopus in a small rockpool right in front of the cafe.

The next day I was telling my son Tom that he was missing out on our beach “nature reserve” and he told me that on the contrary he had been on the beach himself with Arthur (the grandson) on the same day. It turned out that he had been a few hundred yards west , close to Rhos Point when he had spotted an Octopus on the rocks, and what’s more he had a great video to prove it. I will post the video in a few days …. and the little hand stroking the Octopus is Arthur’s !

Latest news concerning the Octopus …it seems that a group of octopuses were spotted on a New Quay, Ceredigion beach. Twenty five of them were seen walking across the beach this Friday 27 October 2017. A local fisherman was returning after a sunset trip at 10pm when he first spotted the creatures crawling up on to dry land.

He said: “They were coming out of the water and crawling up the beach. I’ve lived here my whole lifetime and have never seen anything like it.”