Brexit brings fishing bonanza to North Wales

I have recently posted about the abundance of mackerels in the Bay of Colwyn, North Wales. Well it continues!
From Old Colwyn to Rhos-on-Sea huge shoals of white bait are swamping the shore-line and today Friday 9 September 2016 they are showing no signs of diminishing…indeed the masses of white bait seem to be increasing.
Not all the mackerel is big enough to eat but there is plenty that will fill a plate.

The people of the mediterranean would also be enjoying the white bait, one scoop of a child’s fishing net bringing a plateful of fish.

And talking about the med I think the Spanish fishermen have all been frightened off from UK waters by Brexit, why else would we have a once in a lifetime fishing bonanza on the shores of Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

The mackerel run happens each year but more usually in July and August so book early for next August/ September at the Bryn Holcombe to enjoy one of nature’s great free attractions.