Mackerel fishing in Colwyn Bay

Mackerel were being caught by the bucket load in Colwyn Bay this week. The sea was boiling with the white bait jumping out of the water to escape the shoals of mackerel.

It started last Tuesday or Wednesday 30/31 July 2016 and they were still visible off shore on Tuesday the following week. It must be a good sign for the health of the waters off Colwyn Bay, as usually the mackerel running lasts just one or two days at most.

High tide has been around midday and this enables walkers on the Wales Coast Path to have a great free show. From Old Colwyn to Rhos-on-Sea shoals of the fish could be seen chasing the white bait (sprats) close to the promenade.

Dozens of anglers were pulling in fish after fish, although many would be returned as some times they would be little bigger than the white bait.

Indeed the Seaboard Inspector felt it necessary to remind some of the fishermen that the mimimum size is 8 inches.

The mackerel run happens each year but more usually in July and August.