Wales Coastal Path Closed For Repairs

Wales Coastal Path closed for repairs.

The cycle path between Pensarn and Llanddulas, part of the Wales Coastal Path closed for coastal defence works

Wales Coastal Path Closed for Coastal Defence Works between Pensarn and Llanddulas.

Part of the Wales Coastal Path, running from Pensarn beach to Llanddulas  will be closed for repairs from June 15th 2015. Works will take place at Ty Crwn, Llanddulas Car Park and Llanddulas Tip.

The repair work started on June 10th and could take as long as two months.

Cllr Dave Cowans, Cabinet Member for Highways, Environment and Sustainability, said, “We realise this closure will cause some disruption, but the work is essential to safeguard the route in the longer term. If these repairs aren’t carried out, there is a risk that the path will be closed for a far more significant length of time in the future.”

Pedestrians and cyclists will NOT be able to use the path between these points.

The diversion route (travelling from Pensarn towards Colwyn Bay) will be via Sea Road in Abergele, to A547 Abergele Road, and along to Beach House Road, Llanddulas.

Cllr Cowans said “We’re sorry for any inconvenience over the next couple of months.”

This begs the question… why not do the works in the autumn or winter months when there are considerably fewer walkers and cyclists on one of Wales top attractions?

Regardless of what any councillors might say I know for a fact that there are many months when coastal works can be carried out beside the peak holiday season.

We need to encourage tourists in the county not set barriers in their way.

There is no need for the Wales Coastal Path to be closed for repairs during the summer months